About the author…

Born in Hull, Eurasia, Earth, Sol System, Local Cluster, Fletcher Wiseman graduated second from bottom in his class from Star Group SG Academy in 2345. Due to an administrative error, in 2351 he became the youngest ever commander of a Conglomeration star cruiser, the C.S. Naval Gazer. After blowing it up in a failed light-speed manoeuvre, his court martial sentenced him to seven years penal servitude on planet of certain doom Signet Beta.

Due to a further administrative mix up, Fletcher was assigned command of the state of the art Tranquillity Class prototype that was supposed to transport him to the penal colony. Rather than admit the error, the admiralty chose to keep him in the role as a model of a fully reformed and rehabilitated ex-con.

After many unscrupulous adventures, several involving time travel, Fletcher was stranded in early 21st Century Britain where – taking the poorly thought through pseudonym Warp9Point975 – he chose to eke out a living writing a crappy sci-fi pseudo-fanfic web comic, despite having no artistic talent whatever.

Fletcher has two porcupines and enjoys long walks home from the pub.



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